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Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science: Data Science and Data Analytics

Master of Science in Computer Science: Data Science and Data Analytics

Master of Science in Computer Science: Software Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Science: Software Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science


Anton Chornyi

With a passion for online education as the CEO of GoIT, I’ve built a team that empowered 1% of Ukrainian programmers, employed 2,300 graduates, and expanded to five countries.

Having created two successful products on Product Hunt, I dream of nurturing graduates into building 5 prosperous startups.

By 30, made the Forbes list, obtained a PhD in economics, and now strive to become an educational Unicorn.

Now GoIT is thriving with 500+ employees, and offices in Poland, Romania, and Latin America, with the Philippines next.

Academic board members

Viacheslav Polinovskyi

With over 12 years of experience, I have successfully managed and developed educational projects across various levels, including courses, schools, and institutes. My areas of expertise encompass a wide range of responsibilities, such as strategic planning with a data-driven approach (CF/P&L, ROI/ROMI, OKR's, KPI), developing growth strategies (Brand Awareness, Leads&Sales), building effective teams and business processes, implementing quality control measures, and achieving high NPS (Net Promoter Score) ratings.

Furthermore, I have extensive experience in the development and implementation of training methods, catering to diverse audiences ranging from schoolchildren and adults to higher education standards. I have conducted training sessions for over 100 instructors in "Training for trainers: how to teach without boredom," positively impacting the education community. Moreover, I take pride in having graduated more than 6,000 students through these educational programs.

I have also had the privilege of being a speaker at esteemed events such as iForum2021, GetBusiness Festival, SMM Day, Don't Take Fake, Lviv SMM Forum, ProBono SMM Week, MRKTNG marathon, WEST iMARKETING FORUM, and Lviv Media Forum, where I have shared my expertise and insights with a wide audience, contributing to the industry's growth and knowledge sharing.

Yurii Kuchma

Throughout my career, I have worked in various environments ranging from outsourcing companies to startups, where my role involved managing complex development tasks and systematization. I have successfully maintained a balance between technical and managerial responsibilities. I have progressed from a regular teacher to the head of the Programming and Applied Mathematics departments.

Over the past 7 years, I have applied my skills and experience in the field of IT. I possess a wide range of technologies. Leveraging my PhD degree in engineering and technical sciences, I adeptly translate complex mathematical models into code. My technical expertise includes programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, as well as development on Node.js, database utilization, and other technologies. I am constantly driven to learn and develop, allowing me to stay at the forefront of the IT industry.

With over 25 years of teaching experience in universities and IT schools, I have developed and implemented teaching methodologies that have helped thousands of students learn programming. This teaching experience has allowed me to refine my skills in planning, growth strategies, building effective teams and business processes, as well as quality control.

Anton Chornyi

With a passion for online education as the CEO of GoIT, I’ve built a team that empowered 1% of Ukrainian programmers, employed 2,300 graduates, and expanded to five countries.

Having created two successful products on Product Hunt, I dream of nurturing graduates into building 5 prosperous startups.

By 30, made the Forbes list, obtained a PhD in economics, and now strive to become an educational Unicorn.

Now GoIT is thriving with 500+ employees, and offices in Poland, Romania, and Latin America, with the Philippines next.

Faculty, Instructors and Professional Experts

Anastasiia Izotova

Yehor Yanvarov

I have 7 years of experience, more than two of them as a C++ Embedded Engineer. I was involved in the development of escape rooms. The last three years have been devoted to the implementation of machine learning in biotechnology.

I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science.

I have diverse experience, including teaching students. My main goal is to provide clear and concise explanations that will help solve the problem. I am proficient in Python, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, scikit-learn.

Rustam Aslanov

Hi, my name is Rustam and I am a graduate of FS course from GoIT. Now I hold the position of team leader in one of the creative studios of the city of Odesa, where I am responsible for coordinating projects and leading a team of talented developers. In addition, I also work as a mentor on the React course, where I share my experience and knowledge with new IT specialists.

Before moving into IT, I worked in sales for 15 years where I worked my way up from consultant to Senior KAM. This experience allowed me to develop strong communication skills and a deep understanding of customer needs, which is extremely useful in my current job.

Dmytro Mazokha

Hello everyone!

I'm Dmitry, an analyst with a passion for data analysis that dates back to my university days when I studied economic cybernetics.

Following my graduation, I delved into the analytical realm, gaining diverse experience in sectors such as retail, direct sales, and e-commerce. I've worn multiple hats during my career journey, serving as a sales analyst, marketing analyst, data analyst, product analyst, and currently, leading a team of analysts in an international IT company.

My analytical journey began in 2014, allowing me to accumulate and organize a wealth of practical skills in this field, which I'm eager to share.

No more time to waste—let's embark on the journey to enhance your skills!

Oleh Sinkevych

I possess a robust academic foundation in machine learning, data analysis, swarm algorithms, and numerical methods. Holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science, I bring 14 years of experience in both academic and research settings, marked by thematic article publications and substantial scientific research contributions.

My journey in commercial IT began in 2014, where I engaged in diverse projects within classical data science. My expertise spans from crafting statistical models using R to developing sophisticated time series analysis systems in Python. Additionally, I've gained hands-on experience in various facets of machine learning, including object detection, natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLM), and ML operations (ML OPS).

Presently, my academic research interests consist of nature-inspired algorithms, meta-heuristics, Swarm AI and evolutionary programming. Also, I have the expertise in generative artificial intelligence, large language models, and their seamless integration into different code base.

Volodymyr Barvinok

I possess a broad spectrum of experience in the field of information technology, encompassing tasks ranging from system administration to the development and fine-tuning of applications for both Android and ERP systems. My role as a database developer has been ongoing since 2019.

Over this period, I have successfully administered various databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Advantage DB, Vertica DB, Oracle DB, and PostgreSQL.

Dmytro Burkovskyi

I have about 20 years of experience in IT. During this time, I managed to work with different technologies.

In recent years, I have been actively working with C++ and databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird).

In the past, I wrote video courses about MS SQL Server for one company.

I have experience working with big databases, where millions of records were collected in an hour.

I have experience in query optimization.

Using different tools, I created reports based on databases.

I am currently working as a C++/SQL developer to support and develop our company's product.

Bogdan Lyamzin

Hello! I'm Bohdan Lyamzin, fullstack developer with 15 years of experience. Architect React, Next.js, Vue, Node.js etc. with 6 years of teaching experience.

Alona Harnyk

Yevhenii Horbatiuk

Over the course of approximately four years, I have been involved in various data-related projects, encompassing expertise in Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and across diverse domains. Over the past year, my focus has predominantly shifted towards the realm of Data Engineering. Additionally, I have gained experience working in the fields of cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT).

Alexandru Parvu

I've been working in Data Science for almost 8 years

I've started out working as a Data Analyst which I have found as being a critical position for any company that wishes to make informed decisions.

But for all the value adding it provides Data Analytics soon proved to be rather limited when dealing with future events thus I expanded my field of interests and now I work as a Data Scientist creating predictive models for various companies.

Constantin Stan

A dedicated and quick self-learner with technical sense, ability to adapt to new technologies, tools, environments and platforms, passionate about everything computer software related, problem solving thinking, debugging abilities from macro to micro.

As a seasoned software developer, I've navigated through the dynamic landscape of multinational companies, contributing my expertise to a variety of projects, including those within the banking sector. My experience spans across full-time roles where I've been deeply involved in the development of sophisticated software solutions tailored for banking projects. Within these environments, I've utilized Python extensively, alongside a suite of complementary tools and technologies, to architect and implement robust systems that meet the stringent requirements of the financial industry. Whether it was optimizing data processing pipelines, developing interactive dashboards, or conducting code analysis using Sonar, I've always been committed to delivering high-quality solutions that drive business objectives forward.

Moreover, I've played a pivotal role as a mentor at Go IT Neoversity, where I've had the opportunity to guide and inspire aspiring developers on their journey. This experience has allowed me to not only share my knowledge and expertise but also foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within the community. With a solid foundation in Python programming and a wealth of experience in multinational settings, particularly within banking projects, I'm poised to tackle complex challenges and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of software development practices.

Stanisław Kochański

Software Developer with true love for programming.

I have spent my last 5 years programming the backend mainly using Python and web frameworks such as Django, FastAPI and Flask.

Apart from that, on a daily basis I use all sorts of typical backend technologies like Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes for orchestration, continuous integration and deployment pipelines such as Jenkins or GitHub Actions, and I rely heavily on infrastructure as code tools like Terraform and Ansible for provisioning and managing infrastructure. My work also involves utilizing databases, both SQL (like PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (such as MongoDB, Cassandra).

In my free time, I like to learn about new technologies and develop myself, as well as teach others.

At GOIT, I am a Python Mentor.

Marcin Lewandowski

Software developer and young scientist.

For me research and development is a combination of interesting problems and practical solutions.

I am most interested in the efficient use of hardware (GPU/CPU, multiprocessing, multithreading, even FPGA) for modern algorithms and artificial intelligence. Both low and high level programming aspects.

I try to look at the problem from a wide perspective and from different aspects.

I like to have a deep understanding of every aspect of framework and/or hardware I use.

And of course I love programming. That's why I like to participate in various projects.

Maksym Lyzohub

Started to work in IT as a data analyst and reporting manager in a financial company.

Later, I began to study data science and machine learning more deeply and became an ML engineer.

I work with projects in the areas of user activity and natural language processing. I also do private mentoring and teaching. I supervise pro bono projects to improve office management in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and computer vision for drones.

Alexander Abramovich

Greetings, my name is Alexander.

I am a dynamic and passionate educator with over 5 years of experience in lecturing on programming languages, game development, and web development. As a Lecturer, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts and creative minds.

With a strong academic background and professional experience in software development, I am well-versed in a wide array of programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, and more. I expertly guide students through the essentials and challenges of modern programming, fostering a deep understanding of coding and computational thinking.

Currently, I am dedicatedly contributing to the educational realm as part of the GoIT Academy. This initiative allows me to further enhance my impact on students, providing them with valuable insights and skills needed for success in the ever-evolving tech industry. My commitment to cultivating a passion for technology and empowering individuals to thrive in the digital world remains at the forefront of my educational endeavors.

Kateryna Dikhnych

I have many years of diverse experience in education, which allowed me to successfully go from working in a school to teaching in a college and managerial activities in the Department of Education and Science.

My professional path began in the school environment, where I studied the basics of pedagogy and gained valuable experience in interacting with students. Subsequently, I decided to develop my knowledge and received a PhD degree, which became a key stage in my professional development. I worked at a college, where successfully combined theoretical knowledge with practical skills. My pedagogical approach was based on the use of innovative methods and the introduction of modern pedagogical approaches aimed at developing students' critical thinking and practical skills.

In addition, my work at the Department of Education and Science gave me a unique perspective on the education system. I actively worked on improving educational programs and participating in the development of educational projects. I have impressive experience in working with teams, where I contributed to the creation of a favorable working environment and encouraged the team to achieve common goals. My management and project planning skills help me create effective strategies to achieve success in the field of education.

Tetiana Tarasovych

My teaching career began with postgraduate study and conducting financial literacy trainings for teenage clients of the bank.

I love to work with creative people and on interesting projects, I really like to teach people modern technologies, share experience and help in learning an interesting profession.

I am a Team Lead digital art design and motion / Senior Front-end Teacher in GoITeens and GoIT. I have experiance in education with such technologies as Git, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, React Native and Node.JS (Exprsess, MongoDB). Also, I have hands-on experience in following Agile / Scrum methodology when working in a team, assessment, management, coaching.

Sergey Grinko

Hi, I’m Sergei

I’ve been a website developer for five years.

He began his career with training, after which he created a couple of Projects.

First few years as a junior

After the experience gained, I decided to upgrade to Wordpres Developer

Currently I work as a teacher at Gow Eitins High School and as a back-up developer

Volodymyr Holomb

Since 2021, I have been the Lead Data Scientist and ML Operations Engineer at RBC Group. Before this role, I held leadership positions at the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry for almost a decade.

My career journey has spanned from leading an economic research centre to software development, shaping my pragmatic approach to data science. As a former business consultant, I possess an original skill set that allows me to bridge the gap between business needs and the technical nuances of data analytics.

I began my journey in IT as a self-driven learner and have since earned a formal Master's degree in Software Engineering, which has further enhanced my hands-on experience.

In addition to my professional roles, I have also taught finance and credit courses. My teaching background, along with my diverse experience, drives my passion for sharing practical knowledge.